The PeaceMaker  

Normal and Balanced Skin Type.  Minimal to No Breakouts.  

Hey Peacemaker,

Just like Goldilocks, Type 9s are "just right" when it comes to the SkinEnneagram. Yes, you definitely won the skin-type lottery and can enjoy smooth-sailing as you take care of your skin. Don't let this go to your head, though, dear one; just because you beat the odds, you still need to prioritize your skincare routine. Not taking care of your skin is a sure-fire way to invite unwanted guests to your party! Be mindful of your skin changes as you age, during pregnancy, stress, and other contributing factors. Our skin's overall outcome depends mainly on the first 40 years of our life, so take care of your skin with the end-game in mind! Your future self will thank you!

For Type 9's that want to reach the next level glow, be consistent by using products that gently exfoliate, hydrate, and keep the skin barrier strong. Of course, it goes without saying for Type 9's, SPF, SPF, SPF. UV rays will change your skin faster than Goldilocks can cool Papa Bear's porridge!  

Characteristics of the Peacemaker  

Balanced Oil Production  

Maintain your skins perfect balance by keeping your skin cleansed! Using a gentle, not irritating cleanser that removes make-up and and dirt will help you maintain what you have going.  If you feel like you want to step up the glow, select a cleanser with salicylic acid and glycolic acid!  

Maintain That Glow 

Exfoliation like facial brushes and textured products could lead to redness and dry spots.  Choose gentle exfoliation with products containing Salicylic Acid (BHA's), Glycolic Acid (AHA), and retinoids 

SPF, Anit-Aging and Sun damage 

While Vitamin C serums are excellent for combating sun-damage, and a great combination to use with your daily SPF! 

Your Complete SkinEnneagram Kit
The Peacemaker 9 

<b>Wash and Glow</b><br>AHA and BHA Cleanser<br>Acne • Wrinkles • Pore • Brightening
<b>Wash and Glow</b><br>AHA and BHA Cleanser<br>Acne • Wrinkles • Pore • Brightening

Wash and Glow
AHA and BHA Cleanser
Acne • Wrinkles • Pore • Brightening

<b>Pure C20</b><br>Radiance • Sun Damage • Aging
<b>Pure C20</b><br>Radiance • Sun Damage • Aging

Pure C20
Radiance • Sun Damage • Aging

<b>Enriched Bio Hydration</b>Light to Medium Hydration
<b>Enriched Bio Hydration</b>Light to Medium Hydration

Enriched Bio HydrationLight to Medium Hydration

<b>PM Retinol Serum</b><br>Acne • Wrinkles • Sun Damage • Texture
<b>PM Retinol Serum</b><br>Acne • Wrinkles • Sun Damage • Texture

PM Retinol Serum
Acne • Wrinkles • Sun Damage • Texture