Type 6

The Loyalist  

A Dry Skin Type. Red and Sensitive

Hey Loyalist,

True to the name, Type 6's, the loyalists, are on red alert, and this fiery skin type will defiantly let you know about any sensitivities by sounding the alarm! That's right; your well-meaning skin temperament will bring the heat on invaders, but not always in a good way. With ultrasensitive types, you need to assess the risks at every step. So, it's important not to add fuel to the fire! Your main goal is taming the flame and keeping the embers at bay!

Known for reactivity and a tendency for dryness, your quest for a healthy glow may seem out of reach. But tread cautiously and deliberately, and you will reach your goal. Remember, you are only one spark from an inferno that can be difficult to regain control of, leading to weeks or months of irritation!

Erring on the side of caution will be your primary strategy, and avoiding actives know to instigate the beast. As tempting as it seems, quick fixes won't help and will likely exasperate the issue.

Niacinamide should be your first in command as it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and strengthing the skin barrier giving you some well-needed protection.

For the sensitive types, constant assurance and stability will go a long way. So a simple skincare routine, one that you can stick to, will be in your favor. Be sure to add new products slowly to avoid a 3 Stage fire. Prevention has always been the best bet! 

Characteristics of the Loyalist  

Dry and Dehydrated Skin!   

Your skin is thirsty! And no matter
how much moisturizer you slather
on, your skin is screaming for more! Time to give your skin what is been longing for!

Try as you might, you've lost your glow!
This is typical of dry skin. Overtime and with sun-damage our skin slows its renewal process. But, using proper products that help to exfoliate the skin gently, without causing any damage to the skin like micro-tears will help this process. Do yourself and your skin a favor and skip the physical exfoliation, think washcloths, facial brushes, and and any textured scrubs! Just because your skin feels rough, doesn't mean you need to scrub it off! Give it a little TLC and watch that glow return! 

Red and Sensitive 

Your skin's overall sensitivity level leads to a vicious cycle of irritation that can last days and sometimes months. Sun exposure can further accentuate redness, and lead to a sunburn, so SPF should be a go-to in your skincare routine.

Your skin is also highly reactive to certain ingredients, and unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason and will take some investigation. However, there are some common triggers: foaming products, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and possibly fragrances, Lanolin, Benzoyl peroxide, or Parabens.

SPF, Anit-Aging and Sun damage 

Because your skin gets an F in the oil production department, don't skip the moisturizer.

While it may seem that your skin needs a good "scrub," extreme exfoliation like facial brushes and textured products will lead to redness. Your best bets for exfoliation are products containing salicylic acid (BHA's), Glycolic acid (AHA), and retinoids for anti-aging if your skin can tolerate it. 


Your Complete SkinEnneagram Kit
The Loyalist 6 

<b>Essential Wash</b><br>Gentle Every Day Cleanser
<b>Essential Wash</b><br>Gentle Every Day Cleanser

Essential Wash
Gentle Every Day Cleanser

PM Retinol Serum
PM Retinol Serum

PM Retinol Serum

<b>Deep Vital Hydration</b><br>Maximum Hydration
<b>Deep Vital Hydration</b><br>Maximum Hydration

Deep Vital Hydration
Maximum Hydration