Type 5

The Investigator  

A Dry Skin Type.  Dry, Dull,

Hey Investigator,

Desert air, party of one! Type 5's have enjoyed a life lived-well outdoors. Investigators are naturally curious and independent. But, too much fun in the sun can contribute to major sun damage, discoloration, as well as dryness.The sun can unleash havoc on the skin, leaving even it as dry as the Mojave. More often than not, your skin is looking for that mirage and is always needing MORE hydration, no matter how much moisture you're lathering on.

Rebuilding your skin-barrier will make the oasis your skin has been looking for. Steer clear of intense exfoliation. Your skin doesn't need a good "sloathing"; it needs extra TLC. Just because your skin feels scaly, don't take that as an indication that you need to remove the skin cells. The best bet to restore the glow you crave, stick with the 3 R's, Replenish, Repair, and Repel the sun!

If you are one of the lucky ones, and you've evaded wrinkles so far. But don't fool yourself; the sun leads to wrinkles. As one sun crusader to another, it's not a matter of if, but when. So stock up on the SPF and avoid that prickly beast; your future-self will thank you!   

Characteristics of the Investigator  

Dry and Dehydrated Skin!   

Your skin is thirsty! And no matter
how much moisturizer you slather
on, your skin is screaming for more! Time to give your skin what is been longing for!

Looks Dull and Blah.... 

Try as you might, you've lost your glow!
This is typical of dry skin. Overtime and with sun-damage our skin slows its renewal process. But, using proper products that help to exfoliate the skin gently, without causing any damage to the skin like micro-tears will help this process. Do yourself and your skin a favor and skip the physical exfoliation, think washcloths, facial brushes, and and any textured scrubs! Just because your skin feels rough, doesn't mean you need to scrub it off! Give it a little TLC and watch that glow return! 

Sun-Damage and SPF

If you want to repair the sun-damage, add a Vitamin C serum.  Vitamin C, or Ll-ascorbic acid have been scientifically demonstrated to aid in healing of sun damage but also combat the
free-radicals caused by sun exposure. The antioxidant also make a great duo with your SPF, which needs to considered your new ride or die!   

Your Complete SkinEnneagram Kit
The Investigator 5 

<b>Essential Wash</b><br>Gentle Every Day Cleanser
<b>Essential Wash</b><br>Gentle Every Day Cleanser

Essential Wash
Gentle Every Day Cleanser

Pure C20
Pure C20

Pure C20

<b>Deep Vital Hydration</b><br>Maximum Hydration
<b>Deep Vital Hydration</b><br>Maximum Hydration

Deep Vital Hydration
Maximum Hydration