Type 3

The Achiever 

A Combo Skin Type: Oily and Dry.  with possible Sun Damage. 

Hey Achiever,

As it's known, the Achiever skin type can command a standing ovation for its skin performance by playing two different roles, oily and dry! Jeckle and Hyde has nothing on this overambitious type and likes to keep you on your toes by giving you the best and worst of both worlds.

Keys to taming the achiever types call for grounding and compromise. While it will likely be a tug of war, once you master the oily and dry roles, it will be Oscar-worthy! Dual skin types can be triggered by changing seasons, products, hormones, and just because! If you are one of the lucky ones, you may have an oily t-zone that is susceptible to breakouts, enlarged pores, and cheeks that are dry, scaly, and peeling! Oh, my! Because both Oily and Dry want the leading role, we need to convince these two players that "there are no small parts, only small actors!"

Type 3's responds best to order and consistency, so it's essential to be detailed oriented in your approach to your routine. You may have a perpetually oily T zone that needs AHA and BHA to keep your pores clear but dry cheeks that need extra hydration. You'll likely need to support both by spot treating each area separately. It's all about balance and giving both equal time to shine! Don't swing for the fences and heavy-handed exfoliating products or rich moisturizers; stick with a moderate approach, access your skin frequently, and make any modification as needed!  

Characteristics of A Achiever  

Oily, Enlarged Pores In The T-Zone. 

Did your t-zone spring an oil leak? If skin came with a shut-off valve, you'd definitely be reaching for it! Unfortunately, your skin hasn't received the memo and likes to keep your nose, forehead and some of your cheeks well lubricated. Not to worry, using a gentle, not irritating cleanser that targets your skin's oil production in those areas, like ones with salicylic acid (BHA), will do the trick. Avoid irritated or dry areas and harsh cleaners. Even though it may seem like your skin needs to be stripped of the oil, this will only lead to more oil production.

Areas of Dryness and Possible Irritation

Your skin's inconsistent sebum (oil) level leads to a vicious cycle of imbalance in your skin. It's best to treat your skin as two different types and use products that address each area of skin separately. You may want to use a healing and rich moisturizer on dry sites and an oil-free or light moisturizer in your t-zone if you even need it. Hyaluronic Acid can be an excellent overall choice in your routine, as it can hold 1000 times its weight in water and may help bring some balance to your skin.    

Sun-Damage and Aging 

Because your skin gets an A+ in the oil production department, you can likely skip the moisturizer and spot any skin areas that feel dry or tight. While it may seem that your skin needs a good "scrub," extreme exfoliation like facial brushes and textured products will lead to more dryness and excess oil production. Your best bets are products containing Salicylic Acid (BHA's), Glycolic Acid (AHA), and retinoids.

If you have sun damage or want to reduce aging, add an evening serum, like retinol. Ease slowly into a retinol treatment by starting with 1-2 nights per week. Slow down when irritation occurs and gradually work your way into an every night routine.  

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The Achiever-Type 3 

Wash and Glow
Wash and Glow

Wash and Glow

<b>Enriched Bio Hydration</b>Light to Medium Hydration
<b>Enriched Bio Hydration</b>Light to Medium Hydration

Enriched Bio HydrationLight to Medium Hydration

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PM Retinol Serum

PM Retinol Serum