Type 1

The Reformer

A Dry Skin Type.  Dull, Lacking Radiance And Glow.   

Hey Reformer,

Your skin isn't glowing and radiant, and for Reformers, the practical perfectionists, the expectation is high! While this can challenge your patience - it's not always a bad thing.You'd prefer that glow like JLo and tend to complain that your skin is always 'too dry', but you aren't as prone to breakouts, which we're thankful for.

Type 1's can take it up a notch in the glow department by addressing dryness with healing hydration with an emphasis on transformative-type lipids while also focusing on combating dullness with products that gently exfoliate, like AHA's that will help speed up cell turnover revealing that glow!

As a Reformer, you've likely spent your fair share of the time soaking up the rays, so addressing sun-damage is high on the list. Luckily, Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid has been scientifically shown to do just that!

Characteristics of A Reformer  

Dry, Tight Feeling Skin

Your skin is thirsty!  And no matter
how much moisturizer you slather 
on, your skin is screaming for more! Time  to give your skin what is been longing for!

Looks Dull and Blah....

Try as you might, you've lost your glow! 
This is typical of dry skin.  Overtime and with sun-damage our skin slows its renewal process. But, using proper products that help to exfoliate the skin gently, without causing any damage to the skin like micro-tears will help this process.  Do yourself and your skin a favor and skip the physical exfoliation, think washcloths, facial brushes, and and any textured scrubs!  Just because your skin feels rough, doesn't mean you need to scrub it off!  Give it a little TLC and watch that glow return! 

Loss of Tone

Just like our muscles, our skin loses its firmness without proper care!  Fortifying the skin with the proper nourishment will help increase collagen and bring back the elasticity!  

Your Complete SkinEnneagram Kit
Reformer-Type 1 

<b>Enriched Bio Hydration</b>Light to Medium Hydration
<b>Enriched Bio Hydration</b>Light to Medium Hydration

Enriched Bio HydrationLight to Medium Hydration

Wash and Glow
Wash and Glow

Wash and Glow

Pure C20
Pure C20

Pure C20

<b>Deep Vital Hydration</b><br>Maximum Hydration
<b>Deep Vital Hydration</b><br>Maximum Hydration

Deep Vital Hydration
Maximum Hydration