Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin  



Characteristics of Sensitive Skin  


Cleansing your skin is top on your list! Using a gentle, not irritating cleanser that targets your skin's oil production if your skin falls more under the combo like one with salicylic acid (BHA) will help to calm down the oil production. Avoid harsh cleaners and ones that heavily foam as this will only lead to more sensitivity, redness and breakouts.

Red and Sensitive 

If your skin's overall sensitivity level runs high this can  lead to a vicious cycle of irritation that can last days and sometimes months. Sun exposure can further accentuate redness, and lead to a sunburn, so SPF should be a go-to in your skincare routine.

Your skin may also be highly reactive to certain ingredients, and unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason and will take some investigation. However, there are some common triggers: foaming products, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and possibly fragrances, Lanolin, Benzoyl peroxide, or Parabens.

SPF, Anit-Aging and Sun damage 

Exfoliation like facial brushes and textured products will lead to redness and more dark spots. Your best bets are products containing Salicylic Acid (BHA's), Glycolic Acid (AHA), and retinoids for anti-aging.

While Vitamin C serums are excellent for combating sun-damage, you may find this too extreme for your skin type. If you choose to use a Vitamin C, stick with one with 10% l-ascorbic acid to minimize a reaction.  

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Sensitive Skin 

<b>Essential Wash</b><br>Gentle Every Day Cleanser
<b>Essential Wash</b><br>Gentle Every Day Cleanser

Essential Wash
Gentle Every Day Cleanser