Skin Protector SPF 30, no tint


The "CLEAR" choice for daily sun protection!  Enjoy SPF 30 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection without the white film like other natural sunscreens!  

100% mineral sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or stressed skin.

  • A blend of avocado, coconut and sesame oils, rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids help provide antioxidant care and maintain the skin’s natural barrier properties.
  • An oil soluble form of Vitamin C delivers stable antioxidant protection.
  • A trio of curcuminoids, the most effective form of turmeric, helps protect against free radical activity and may help prevent skin discoloration.
  • Shea butter helps ensure a healthy moisture level.
  • Chamomile extract delivers skin soothing benefits.
  • Zinc Oxide a non-irritating physical sunscreen which deflects UVA/UVB rays.
  • Avocado Oil, rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidant benefits.
  • Coconut Oil has a high concentration of Vitamin E to help protect against free radicals.
  • Sesame Oil, rich in fatty acids helps maintain the skin’s natural lipid barrier.
  • Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits.
  • 3 types of Curcuminoids help defend against free radicals and potential skin darkening.
  • Shea Butter helps minimize trans epidermal water loss.
  • Bisabolol derived from the chamomile plant, helps soothe skin.